How are you??

My name is Jenny Gaskell and I’m the Community Organiser at Sunday Assembly Manchester!  If I haven’t met you before, then I am absolutely delighted to virtually meet you. Hope to see you in person soon! 

We haven’t been able to post online for a little while, so my apologies for anyone who has missed us. We wanted to let you know that we’re here, we're LIVE, we’re back online, and we will be posting loads of links to events, news, blogs, plus information about how to get involved in Sunday Assembly Manchester. Yes!

WHERE TO FIND US IN REAL LIFE: we’re currently hosting assemblies at Manchester Museum on the second Sunday of every month.  Manchester Museum is a spectacular venue – full of knowledge, creativity and wonder. Plus they’re super friendly, central, accessible and generous - offering us FREE space to host our assemblies.  In Feb, they wrote a blog post about how Sunday Assembly Manchester offers the museum the opportunity to learn “how the museum can create the conditions for people to connect with others, be socially active and develop a deep fascination, appreciation and awe for the world around them and the people in it.” I know right? A “natural partnership” they said, and we couldn’t put it better ourselves.  We are deeply flattered.

Unfortunately we will need to move out of the museum from June ’18, as the venue undergoes a transformative 2 year refurbishment project!  Very exciting, but… we will be looking for a new home again.  Sunday Assembly Manchester has been on an incredible nomadic journey since 2013. We are grateful to have also been hosted in:  Cross Street Chapel, Angel Meadows Garden, CIS Tower, Texture MCR, Victoria Baths, SpaceportX, Museum of Science and Industry and The Wonder Inn!  We’ll be packing our bags again with a heavy heart but with lots of experience (t-shirts compress folded, liquids double wrapped and breakables tucked in socks).

If you know of an inspiring, central, accessible and cheap (free?) venue in Manchester, please get in touch. Until then, see you on 8th April & 13th May ‘18 at Manchester Museum!  Or join us for our Peace Walk across Manchester on 25 March!  We can’t wait to see you.

With love,

Jenny & Sunday Assembly Manchester

Live Better, Help Often, Wonder More.