Sunday Assembly Manchester returns for a Roadshow series of 3 Assemblies across Trafford. The first will be held in Sale (at the Masonic Hall) and will be under the theme of "Community" on Sunday April 24th. Please watch out for more information on the other 2 events in the series :)

This Roadshow series across Trafford is supported by Trafford Housing Trust.

The first event in Sale will be hosted by Sunday Assembly founder Sanderson Jones. So expect an upbeat, fun, lively Sunday! Our speaker will be Harriet Johnson, a human rights barrister, who will talk about her experiences in life and in law, working with vulnerable people and how she has so often seen the enormous power of community—often community has been the magic element that heals things or lifts things or puts things back together again. The overall theme will be along the lines of we are 'greater than the sum of our parts.' You can find Harriet on Twitter (@HarrietEJohnson).

Sunday Assembly is a secular congregation that meets to celebrate life and come together as a community to have fun! Our motto is live better, help often, wonder more. We are radically inclusive and everyone is welcome.

The Assembly will last about an hour, including an inspirational talk on the "Community" theme and the chance to singalong to a live band performing famous pop songs. There will also be tea and cake for attendees to enjoy at the end. We will also have a children's area for families who want to join us. Attendance is free!!! (although we will ask for donations to support our work).

For more information on all things Sunday Assembly please visit our website and for more information and ways to get involved in the Trafford series or Sunday Assembly Manchester more generally, please contact Omar, Community Organiser, on

Looking forward to seeing you there!!

April 24, 2016 at 11am–1pm at Sale Masonic Hall

Map and directions