On the 3 June we're being joined by the amazing Ahir Shah, who is going to explore how the small, boring details can inspire us into the boundless possibilities of the universe! He says:

"A little while ago I was on the Manchester Metrolink and found myself frustratedly turning up the brightness on my phone screen. I was trying to read some article and was annoyed that I couldn’t concentrate properly, because the brightness on my phone was losing in a battle against the sun. 

This will be a talk about technology, nature, mental health and the human animal in a hyperconnected world."

Ahir a stand-up comedian and writer. His most recent live show, Control, was nominated for Best Show at the 2017 Edinburgh Comedy Awards and he's recently completed a national tour including three weeks at the Soho Theatre in London. He is currently working on a new stand-up show called Duffer, about life and what comes after, death and what comes before, and Bohemian Rhapsody.

As well as this funny and inspiring, wonder more talk, we'll be doing our usual: mass singalongs to some of our favourite power ballads, an awesome spoken word artist, hearing a story from a member of our community and drinking a vat of tea afterwards! 

We're excited to see you there!

Please remember, Sunday Assembly London is free to attend and runs entirely on donations. Please support us if you can to keep it free for those who can't. You can become a supporter here: https://sundayassembly.charitycheckout.co.uk/

Accessible Parking:
Conway Hall have let us know that there is one accessible parking spot in Red Lion Square, but it is frequently in use. However, parking is free and unrestricted on Sundays outside Conway Hall.

June 03, 2018 at 11am–12:15pm at Conway Hall

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