Time to limber up for a new year. A year packed to the brim with new and exciting opportunities... if we can only seize them! 

Well fear not, because to help you stretch your sense of what’s possible in 2018, we’ll be joined by the one and only Pippa Evans, stand up comedian, star of award winning improv extravaganza Showstoppers, Radio 4 regular, and oh yeah, co-founder of this whole Sunday Assembly thing! Someone who knows a fair bit about taking risks it seems. 

She’ll be sharing her hard earned tips on how to dip your toes outside that safe but limiting comfort zone, and find out what lies beyond... 

We're also very lucky to welcome the world famous spoken word artist and film maker Gary Turk, whose heartfelt short film on the antisocial nature of social media has now racked up 60 million views and counting. Check it out here.

Plus our usual live band singalongs, shared wisdom... and maybe a little actual physical stretching with our resident Pilates guru Sam Hopkins. 

What a line up! And what a way to start Sunday Assembly East End's third year, a year we have big ambitions for indeed. Time to stretch our wings! Stay tuned ;) ...

***** Assemblies are free to attend and runs entirely on donations. Please bring cash and support us if you can, to keep it free for those who can't *****

Sunday Assembly East End is an inclusive, secular congregation that celebrates life, in all its tragic glory, via fascinating talks, classic pop singalongs, poetry, and instant coffee (amongst other things). Come together!

To find out more about Sunday Assembly East End, or get involved in shaping this community, please email

January 14, 2018 at 11am–12:30pm at Spotlight

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