What does it mean for food to have 'soul'? What is food for your soul? What is the meaning of 'soul' in a secular context?

At our final assembly of 2017, as we loosen our collective belt buckle for festive feasting, we'll be exploring our relationship with both food and soul... We'll be joined by Darren Springer from OrganicLea, a worker's co-op and community food project in north-east London which produces and distributes food locally, and supports others to get growing. He'll be telling us about his own relationship with food and journey towards growing his own, his work teaching young people to grow food, and how he sees it food as the key to growing a more soulful and connected community. 

We'll also be treated to a live performance from singer songwriter Alana Bloom, and words from Brazilian poet Kala Navarro, plus our usual eclectic menu of singalongs (Motown very much on this month's menu), soulful conversation and reflection... satisfaction guaranteed!

***** Assemblies are free to attend and runs entirely on donations. Please bring cash and support us if you can, to keep it free for those who can't *****

For anyone who would like to meet the SA East End community in a more intimate setting and discuss and contribute to ideas for this assembly, we're continuing our monthly Get Together! on Tuesday the 5th December at Poplar Union

Sunday Assembly East End is an inclusive, secular congregation that celebrates life, in all its tragic glory, via fascinating talks, classic pop singalongs, poetry, and instant coffee (amongst other things). Come together!

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December 10, 2017 at 11am–12:30pm at Spotlight

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