A tour across Manchester

After a short break in 2015, Sunday Assembly Manchester was delighted to return in 2016 and even more delighted to take our beautiful community on a roadshow through Trafford. In a change of scene from our traditional home of central Manchester, we organised 3 Assemblies across the Greater Manchester borough. With 2 down, we have one more to go – Sunday September 18th at the gorgeous Victorian building of the Stretford Public Hall.

So, come one, come all, and bring the whole family!

The theme of our first Assembly in Trafford was “Community” and the second was “Neighbours”. It makes sense then that we continue the trend with the theme of “Family” for our third. Join us for inspiration, laughter, deep thought, connecting with new people, song, music and dance!

We will be returning to a more central Manchester venue in October, so please keep an eye out for more info on that. We will also be having a float at the Manchester Pride Parade on Saturday August 27th – join the celebration for a good ol’ singalong as our float passes by!

Our last Assembly, at the end of June, landed on the Sunday following the EU Referendum. The theme of “Neighbours”, originally chosen due to the importance of neighbours and neighbourhoods to creating strong communities, took on a new dimension as the whole country seemed divided and our relationship with our European neighbours seemed to have changed forever. In a way, it was perfect timing for Sunday Assembly Manchester to bring our community together and take a moment away from the constant news cycle and general uncertainty to remember that there more important things in life that bring us together rather than divide us and that we can get through any challenge with the help of a strong community and social network. We had “Leavers” and “Remainers” in attendance and it was wonderful to see differences put aside in the sharing of some light-hearted fun.

Sunday Assembly Manchester can only be successful with the help and support of our community.