On March 6th we want you to join us for an Assembly with a twist. We want to speak to you about Sunday Assembly in 2016 AND we want to hear from you about what YOU want.

That's right on Sunday March 6th we are going to spend a day casting a vision of Sunday Assembly London, and part of that vision is you.

Sunday Assembly London is nothing, nada, zip, rien without our incredible community. That's you - you beautiful hunk of meat, bones and brain. We have done so much since we started but at the same time we are just getting going. We are on the foothills, on March 6th we're going to try to have a look at the top of the mountain!

The question is: is this vision day for you? To help you out we've come up with a handy test.

Are you regular? This is for you.

Are you semi-regular? This is for you.

Are you occasional? This is for you.

Are you new? This is for you.

Did you join this Facebook group by accident? This is for you.

March 06, 2016 at 11am–12:30pm at Conway Hall

Map and directions