Live Better Groups are peer support groups, where people come together to help each other achieve their goals, fulfill their ambitions and, well, live better! People bring all kinds of goals to the groups, from starting a new habit or hobby, or trying to complete a project, to simply trying to be more social. If you have a particular interest, then sometimes the groups have a particular focus (eg. creative goals, career goals). Bring whatever goals you want to help you live better!

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General Live Better Group: For those of you who would like a mixed group

Creative Live Better Group: If you're a artist/musician/creative of any kind, who would like to be part of a peer support group, this is the one for you!

Career Live Better Group: Looking to change your job, trying to feel more fulfilled in your career or looking for your first job? This one the Dolly Parton to your 9 - 5. 


Live Better Groups FAQs

Who are “Live Better Groups” for?

Live Better Groups are for anyone, inside or outside of the Sunday Assembly community, who is interested in becoming a better version of themselves.

What are “Live Better Groups” for?

To attendees they are a way of connecting with like-minded people and a forum for receiving support in achieving personal goals. To the Sunday Assembly, they are a way of building community amongst existing Sunday Assembly attendees, and a bridge between non-SA attendees and the Sunday morning events. 

What aren’t “Live Better Groups” for?

They are not counselling, and due to groups committing to meeting for just a period of 8 weeks initially, you probably aren’t going to tackle everything you want to in one go. You might not even tackle one thing - but at least you are trying, and you will have some support from your peers along the way.

What are the groups like?

They are usually about 4-8 people who are interested in personal development or achieving a specific goal in their lives. Groups are supportive and encouraging, and we’ve found that people often make great friends with the other members.