Sunday Assembly London launches #HelpOften Days

On Sunday 6th March we officially launched Sunday Assembly London’s #HelpOften days with a trip to Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park. #HelpOften days happen roughly once a month and they’re an amazing opportunity for everyone and anyone from Sunday Assembly to get out into the community, volunteer for something great, and meet some amazing people whilst you’re at it.

Following a morning of “Vision” a la Sanderson Jones, eleven brave souls set off in search of the 31-acre Cemetery Park nestled between Canary Wharf to the South and Tower Hamlets’ ubiquitous high-rise social housing to the North. Had we known we’d be sharing the park with over 340,000 skeletons, buried in great public graves since the Victorian Era, we might have approached our weeding and planting less zealously. But little can get in the way of sheer enthusiasm. In the space of four hours, with only a quick stop for some well-deserved tea and cake (Thanks Mrs CD), we planted over 400 new flowers and saved a section of the park from the perils of ivy.

Along the way we were serenaded by a rogue saxophonist, greeted by a procession of incredibly small but impeccably-dressed dogs, and educated in the world of botany by the wonderful (and very appropriately named) park chief, Ken Greenway. If you want to see what SA’s answer to Alan Titchmarsh, Tommy Walsh and Charlie Dimmock achieved in all it’s glory, head along to the park this summer where everything we planted should be in full bloom. 

Ken runs volunteering opportunities every first Sunday of the month so check out the website here to get involved.

A huge thanks to all our volunteers for an amazing job! We had a lot of fun getting to know everyone. If you want to do your bit, the next #HelpOften day with Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park is on the 21 August.