We only have a few weeks left this side of daylight savings so lets take some time to focus on that bright star while it's still with us!

The Sun makes life on Earth possible, but our nearest star is also unpredictable, violent and potentially dangerous. On the 1 September 1859 a huge eruption from the Sun slammed into the Earth, bathing skies across the world in lurid auroral lights and sending sparks flying from electrical equipment. Today, a 'solar storm’ on that scale could devastate the technology we all rely on, knocking out electricity supplies and satellites for days, weeks or even months. Harry Cliff, the Curator the the Science Museum’s new blockbuster exhibition, The Sun - Living With Our Star, will explore the science of solar storms and the impact they can have on all our lives.

Harry Cliff is a particle physicist who works on the Large Hadron Collider at CERN and is a member of the LHCb collaboration, a large international team searching for signs of new particles and forces of nature in high-energy particle collisions. He is the Fellow of Modern Science at the Science Museum in London and curated their “Collider” exhibition as well as the more recent “Einstein’s Legacy”, which explores the scientific and cultural impact of Albert Einstein’s life and work.

This Sunday Assembly will be hosted by our co-founder Sanderson Jones and we have the playful poet Gecko performing for us.

We'll also be doing our usual: Mass singalongs to some of our favourite power ballads, an awesome spoken word artist, hearing stories from a number of our community and drinking a vat of tea afterwards.

Please remember, Sunday Assembly London is free to attend and runs entirely on donations. Please support us if you can to keep it free for those who can't. You can become a supporter here: https://sundayassembly.charitycheckout.co.uk/

Accessible Parking:
Conway Hall have let us know that there is one accessible parking spot in Red Lion Square, but it is frequently in use. However, parking is free and unrestricted on Sundays outside Conway Hall.

October 07, 2018 at 11am–12:15pm at Conway Hall

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