Do you realize, that everyone you know, someday, will die?

Join Sunday Assembly East End for the first of our regular monthly assemblies at the Spotlight centre in Poplar, where we'll be gathering to share words of wisdom, build community, and sing along with a rocking live band to **surprisingly moving** pop classics. Plus tea, coffee, biscuits, and small / large talk after...

Sunday Assembly is a secular congregation that celebrates life. To do this as fully as possible we also need to consider its most mysterious and too often unspoken aspect, death. Who better as a guest speaker to guide us through this tricky business than Ken Greenway, park manager and ecologist at the beautiful Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park, where he works to create an inner city haven for wildlife, amid testaments to death. Oh yeah, he also conducts funerals in his spare time. Be still our beating hearts! Ken has kindly agreed to lead a guided nature walk in the cemetery afterwards for anyone interested. Find more about THCP here:

We'll also have our usual mix of potent poetry, a guided moment of reflection / medidation, and a 'this much I know' segment from a member of the East End community. What a nourishing start to the day! Also, if you're worried about the subject matter being a little depressing for a Sunday morning, don't. This will, as always, be a joyful, life affirming assembly. As a grumpy librarian in Hull once said, 'what will survive of us is love'...

To find out more about Sunday Assembly East End, or get involved in shaping this fledgling community, please email

September 11, 2016 at 11am–12pm at Spotlight

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