Now we all know that Sunday Assembly is there to help everyone celebrate life, but this gathering isn’t just a celebration, it’s a party! Bring your party hats, put on your party clothes, get ready for an all star line up, including Rufus Hound as our speaker, who thought he might be a vicar some years ago, but then became a comedian, actor and all round TV & Radio superstar!


Tying in with our theme of Light in the Darkness, Rufus will be speaking about the role hope in our lives, how faith can provide it and how those without faith can still can embrace it. (His first idea was to cover himself in sparklers and run down The Tube but the so called "Health and Safety" brigade said it was "stupid" to the "point of borderline psychotic".)
He hopes you enjoy it.


We will be singing some of our favourite power ballads from over the last five years, looking back on how far we (each and every one of us) has come and looking into the future (like Mystic Meg but without the crystal ball) and all the wonder we can bring to the world.


See you there party poppers!


January 07, 2018 at 11am–12:15pm at Conway Hall

Map and directions