Sunday Assembly volunteers head to The Orchard Project!

On a sunny Saturday in late October a handful of us schlepped up to North London to help The Orchard Project harvest apples for juice and cider. That juice and cider then gets sold and the money from sales goes towards funding and maintaining urban orchards. This particular orchard used to belong to a group of missionaries, and while much of the surrounding land was sold off to property developers, the orchard has been preserved so that the locals can enjoy it.

Team selfie!

After climbing through a barbed wire fence and being told to watch out for the wasps nest (confirmation that we really were in nature), we got to work picking all kinds of varieties of apples from the trees. As it turns out, there are few things in life more satisfying than picking a perfectly ripe, shiny red apple dangling from a branch. And they were delicious too. 

Foraging for apples!

By the end of the morning we had crates overflowing with apples ready to be made into delicious drinks. Stephanie and Abby from the Orchard Project were a lovely bunch of people and a worthy cause, so do check out their upcoming apple harvesting events if you fancy giving it a go!

Written by Lisa Carroll.

 Thanks to our volunteers!Help Often!Apples!