Incase you've forgotten, our Sunday Assembly motto is 'Live Better, Help Often and Wonder More'
This Sunday we want to really focus our thoughts and focus to 'Helping More' - 'tis the giving season after all!
The world is facing a displacement crisis, as a result of violent conflicts and natural disasters. Today, more than 65 million people globally are forcibly displaced, with half of that number being children. We want to learn more about what it's like to be in that position and wonder, how can we as a community, Help More?
We are SO excited to have the inspiring Hasan Akkad coming to speak with us at this assembly. Hassan Akkad arrived in the UK after 87 days of traveling fleeing his home and job as an English teacher in Damascus, Syria. He will share with us a brief snippet of his story and experience of many refugees fleeing conflict, a story that we hear reports of on the news but that the majority of people have no experience of.
Production company KEO Films provided Hassan and five other refugees with camera phones to record their tumultuous journeys to seek refuge in Europe pieced together in the award winning documentary Exodus: Our Journey to Europe on BBC2.
For both Sunday assemblies in December we are collecting items for SNUG packs for charity, HELP REFUGEES:

- Please bring one or more items of the below:
> 3 pairs of socks - ideally black & big enough for size 7-9 feet
> 1 item of neckwear - scarves are good and snoods are even better!
> 3 pairs of new men's underwear - Small or Medium boxer shorts (please avoid Y-fronts where possible)
> 1 pair of gloves

- Should assembly members wish to support help refugees further, or buy different items, we will provide their Nov/Dec priority items list and will happily collect any of these items:
This Sunday Assembly will be hosted by our co-founder Sanderson Jones and we have the amazing poet Bryon Vincent performing for us.
We'll also be doing our usual: Mass singalongs to some of our favourite power ballads, an awesome spoken word artist, hearing stories from a number of our community and drinking a vat of tea afterwards.
Please remember, Sunday Assembly London is free to attend and runs entirely on donations. Please support us if you can to keep it free for those who can't. You can become a supporter here:
Accessible Parking:
Conway Hall have let us know that there is one accessible parking spot in Red Lion Square, but it is frequently in use. However, parking is free and unrestricted on Sundays outside Conway Hall.

December 02, 2018 at 11am–12:15pm at Conway Hall

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