Do you want to Help Often?

If so, then we want to hear from you! 


But before we get into that we want to introduce ourselves.
We are Jamie, Kirsty and Debbi - the Community Action Team. We organise wonderful volunteering opportunities every month for us all to live the fantastic Sunday Assembly value of helping often. Some of you may know us already if you’ve previously joined us at Open Age, Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park, Camden Food Bank, The Orchard Project, Moonwalk or any other of the incredible organisations we have supported in London. 


For those that don’t know us or know anything about Community Action well now is your opportunity to do something about that! We’re reaching out to let you know what we’re up to and giving you the opportunity to get involved. 

We would also love to get to know you better so please let us know what sort of volunteering opportunities you would like us to be organising! It is important that our Community Action not only meets the needs of the organisations we support, but that it also meets your needs too. Tell us what causes you really care about and the sort of things you would love to be doing when volunteering with us by filling in this very short online form here.

‘So how does this Community Action thing work then?’ I hear you say. Well, each month we organise at least one volunteering event which is advertised to all those who are on our Help Often mailing list. An email is sent out about three weeks before the event with info and the option to sign up. If you wish to receive these emails you can join our mailing list via the link here.

We’ve got some great Community Action lined up for the coming months …

August – Supporting youth homeless charity Depaul UK (sign up here)

September – Nature conservation at Tower Hamplets Cemetery Park

October – Spending an afternoon with The Orchard Project

Want to do more than attend an event with us? If you fancy getting more involved in what we’re doing then there’s lots of opportunities for you to be an even bigger part of our Help Often offensive …

  • Be an Event Helper: Supporting with photography, videos or writing a blog piece to document and let everyone else know about the amazing things we’ve been up to.
  • Be an Event Organiser: Do you already regularly volunteer with an organisation and want more people to come with you? Or, do you have a cause you are passionate about which you want to contribute to? Why not run you own event with our support.
  • Be an Event Researcher: Get to know your local community better by reaching out to organisations in your area to see if they would like our help. 
  • Be an Event Promoter: Join us on the information table at the end of Sunday Assembly to tell people what we are telling you now and inspire others to help often. 

If you like the sound of all this and want to get more involved then let us know through this online form here. 

That’s all for now so thanks for reading. You’re magic!

With lots of love from,

Jamie, Debbi and Kirsty