Twelve wonderful #HelpOften heroes headed to Mile End for Community Action.

Upon arrival we were greeted by Ken who has been working in the park for fourteen years, and is quite frankly an utter inspiration. His passion for this beautiful urban woodland is infectious, and is equalled by his detailed knowledge of the history of the cemetery. Did you know that there are 380,000 people buried the in Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park? Neither did we! Amazed? So were we!
Our mission was to clear an area of out of control stinging nettles, brambles and dreaded Japanese knotweed. It was great graft and really satisfying as we ploughed our way through the undergrowth leaving a trail of glory behind. 
Ken informed how essential our volunteering is as a demonstration of community value for this green space. With all the pressure to build in London the park has to continually show its worth to the council in order to keep the developers away and the cemetery protected. Practical public engagement with the cemetery is exactly the sort of thing that keeps the park safe for future generations and I was rather proud to have contributed to that.
I had never been to Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park before and it was a real discovery. It is a magical place. When in the park the city sights and sounds melt away and are replaced with verdant greenery and bird song. It was a real privilege to be there and make a difference with a fantastic group of Sunday Assembly volunteers. Utter bliss!